When MoDOT initiated eminent domain proceedings to take a strip of ground from the front of our property, we thought their offer was too low. In a free consultation with Bruce, he agreed. In the early stages of the process, MoDOT increased their offer to $20,000. When Copeland & Brown was done with our case we received $322,500 from MoDOT. If you are faced with a condemnation case, we strongly recommend you set up a meeting with Copeland & Brown.

P. & D.

When my father was killed in an auto accident, the attorneys at Copeland and Brown helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Having attorneys like Copeland and Brown fighting the insurance company and aggressively pursuing my wrongful death case, allowed me the opportunity and time to heal.

Carissa C.

The lawyers at Copeland and Brown fought for years to help my husband obtain the worker’s compensation benefits he deserved. They were always there to answer any questions we had and genuinely cared about what was going on in our lives. My husband passed away shortly after we finally resolved his case. Because of their prompt and vigorous pursuit of his case, we got the settlement before he died.  Without the attorneys at Copeland and Brown and their dedication and hard work, I don’t know where I would be today.

Fonda H.

Jeremy and Bruce are highly experienced and ethical attorneys. I had a very difficult case, and Jeremy and Bruce formulated an excellent legal strategy based on the evidence and the laws, and they proceeded to fight diligently to preserve my rights in a business deal that had seriously gone south.

Jeremy and Bruce acted quickly on my behalf and kept the pressure on my opponents throughout the litigation and ultimately collected every dime I was owed, including reimbursement of the attorney fees that I had to expend in bringing suit as well as recovery of all payments/remuneration of assets that were owed to me by my opponents.  Their knowledge of the law and their ability to formulate and execute excellent legal strategy are outstanding capabilities of their firm.

I have worked with attorneys nearly every day for over 20 years, and I can say that Jeremy and Bruce are of the highest caliber. Whatever the situation, they will give you the best advice and they will act on it professionally to help you.

I would highly recommend Copeland and Brown, P.C. for all of your legal needs.

Fred H.

The attorneys at Copeland and Brown help us with all of our legal business needs.  From drafting of contracts to filing of mechanic’s liens, from assisting in collection efforts as needed to advising us on day to day business matters, Copeland and Brown is always there to guide us.

Mayberry Construction

A close relative had deeded me the family farm before he passed away. Other members of the family were up in arms and filed suit alleging I had unduly influenced him to deed the farm to me. They battled us all the way up to the Missouri Court of Appeals. Jeremy and Bruce diligently fought to preserve my uncle’s wishes and helped me keep the farm in the family, just as my uncle desired. They fought and won at trial and continued fighting and winning on appeal. Years later, I’m still farming on my family farm. Thanks Copeland and Brown.

Kelvin R.

When my mother passed away, Jeremy was there to walk us through the probate process and kept things as simple and straightforward as possible. While avoiding probate in the first place would have been ideal, Jeremy made the probate process smooth and painless. If you have lost a loved one, call the attorneys at Copeland and Brown.

Teresa G.

Jeremy made estate planning a breeze. We had a brief consultation where he got to know us, our family situation and our financial picture and within a week had drafts of our wills, family trust and other estate planning documents for us to review. One more meeting and everything was signed. What a relief to know our estate plan is in place for our children.

Adrienne J.

Jeremy and Bruce treated us like family. They and their staff were so caring, answered any questions we had and kept us apprised of all details of our case. They fought with the insurance company who had wrongfully denied coverage for years always staying two steps ahead of them. Their dedication and hard work ultimately resulted in a substantial settlement for us and our family. If the insurance company isn’t treating you fairly, we would highly recommend the attorneys at Copeland and Brown.

H. & B.

When I was injured in a car accident, it didn’t take long for me to realize that fighting with the insurance company was not something I wanted to do alone. While I focused on getting better, the attorneys at Copeland and Brown managed the insurance company. They kept me advised of all details of my case and we settled the case for more than 5 times the amount of my medical costs.

Christy B.

Bruce fought and obtained workers compensation benefits, including necessary medical care, for my husband when he injured his back at work. In the end, Copeland and Brown secured an award of weekly benefits of over $600 per week for the lifetime of my husband, me and our adopted granddaughter (who has a life expectancy of over 70 years). I’m so glad we followed the advice of Bruce and Jeremy and didn’t take the $20,000 the insurance company initially offered to settle the case.

Louise H.

When my house and belongings were destroyed in the Joplin tornado, my insurance company raised self-serving requirements that Bruce and Jeremy told me weren’t actually in my policy. The attorneys at Copeland and Brown fought long and hard to get me the insurance benefits I had paid for and that were promised me when I purchased the policy.

Vernon L.

When I slipped and fell at a local business because of the dangerous condition of their entryway, I called the attorneys at Copeland and Brown. Bruce and Jeremy handled everything, and because of their tenacious pursuit of my case, I obtained the compensation I was due.

Billie P.

In a hotly contested probate litigation, my family and I needed the guidance and tenacity that the attorneys at Copeland and Brown provide. They helped move the estate on to completion so that we could finally get back to our normal lives. If you are in a probate battle, I would highly recommend Jeremy at Copeland and Brown.

J. A.

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